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Yes Scotland

by Jackson Greenhorn

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electrocelte Great guitar, excellent vocals, fantastic music production. Whether you be an "Aye" or a "Nay", this is a great collection of folk rock and traditional Scottish songs... not unlike what you would hear in a pub, or at a festival. Nice work!! Favorite track: Twa Independent Recruiting Sargeants.
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    A 14-track album dedicated to an Independent Scotland (If not 2014, then "it's coming yet for aw' that!") Feel free!

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1. Independent Jiggle is a wee jig, based on O'Neil's March and arranged by me in a contemporary style. Get jigging!

2. Ye Independent Jacobites by Name is a traditional tune.

3. Twa Recruiting Sergeants is a traditional anti-war tune.

4. Dillema between the Heart and the Feet is a little tune, written by me, while playing with a couple of different timings and rhythms.

5. Caledonia (Was Independent) is a lovely tune, written by Dougie McLean, which I hope I haven't destroyed.

6. Earl o' Independent Moray is another traditional tune. I love the story and the melody of this and I tried to enhance both.

7. Scottish Wedding Procession (Independent Obviously) is a tune I wrote for my wedding in March 2012, to announce the arrival of the bridal party to the hall.

8. Ae Fond Independent Kiss is a traditional Burns song. Eddie Reader's version is wonderful and I tried to convey her passion!

9. A Man's an Independent Man for A' That is another Burns song, about equality? injustice? society? dignity? and worth! A wonderful song for an independent Scotland.

10. The Heiden Hills (The Story of Young Waters) is a traditional song with a wonderful story. I wanted this to a processional version, I wanted to describe his entry and departure at Stirling from the Castle walls.

11. Sic a Parcel o' Rogues is another traditional song about why Scotland ended up in the union - a sad story of division through greed.

12. Independent Loch Lomond is another burns song. I played with the melody and phrasing of the tune (I'm an artist, me!)

13. Terms of the Union is a wee contemporary song I wrote.

14. Scot Free is a tune I originally wrote about 1981 but updated some of the lyrics and re-imagined the some of the melodies in 2016.


released December 31, 2012

Caledonia was written by Dougie McLean.
Don't know who wrote O'Neil's March...probably someone called O'Neil?



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Jackson Greenhorn Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: Scot Free
Scot Free
June 1981 and Sept 2016 - written by Henry McMillan

Verse 1
A joined the 40 hour strike, an' the thousands in George Square
We trashed McKenzie's riot act, an' fought the polis there
But tanks an' troops were massing, as the Government feared the worst
An' as the baton landed, A heard a comrade curse
(Chorus) Scot Free

Verse 2
We beached down in Normandy, standing on the line
Thought I'd swing my kilt tae the pipes and be heading for the Rhine
Wi' Lovat on the Sword Beach, an' heilan' laddies on the sand
It rained down dirt an' body parts, as the bloody mortars land
(Chorus) Scot Free

Verse 3
On the day of opportunity, when the Union should have died
I watched the news, as Scotland, cast it' sovereignty aside
Wi' Press, Polls an' Media barking solemn vows an' fears
I saw the Butcher' Apron over-run the Freedom Square
(Chorus) Scot Free

Verse 4
But thinking of our children, living many years ahead, as they
Look back on our austerity, with hope and love instead
So we join in our diversity, an' cast our fear away
We are building civic Scotland, from this moment, till that day
(Chorus) Scot Free